Staging Before/After Staging your home the right way can get your home sold quicker and for a higher price. We all may think that my home is beautiful and may sell right away, but there are many beautiful homes that have remained unsold in the market for months. At Team Alliance we have professional stagers who know how to show the true potential of your home to prospective buyers.

Pic 1 - This small office space was used by the current owners as an office space was transformed to look like a cozy living room. A pretty picture frame was added to give some character and also a mirror was added to make the room appear wider and more spacious.

Pic 2- This large bedroom was cluttered with too many stuff. All unnecessary objects was moved out of the room and the windows were made more visible showcasing the real large size of this bright bedroom.

Pic 3 - A decent sized living room looked smaller and dark and too cluttered with various stuff that shouldn't be there. After taking out all of the unwanted clutter and opening up the hidden fireplace this living room doesn't look smaller anymore and a potential buyer can see the real potential of this living room.

Pic 4 - A nice large living room didn't look large enough. With the sofa and the coffee table sitting right in the middle of the room made the room look devoid of space. The Sofa and coffee table were then moved to one corner and the computers and peripherals were removed and a TV was brought in. This dramatically changed the living room.

Pic 5 - Another large bedroom with too many objects which a prospective buyer may not want to see. All the items that shouldn't be in this bedroom was removed and a small table lamp was added and the curtains were opened up to let the light in.

Pic 6 - A nice spacious family and dining room was looking dull with no character. The exercise equipment was removed and after replacing the old dining set with a new one and adding some nice abstract pictures and mirrors on the wall gave this room a nice elegant look.
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